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Demo 5 Special Workshop - Superconducting cables for very high power transmission

La Spezia (Italy)

The last special workshop of the EU funded Best Paths project showed the results of the Demonstration 5, which developed a new superconducting direct current cable enabling power transmission of several gigawatts.


The workshop, organised by Nexans, IASS Potsdam and ASG Superconductors, discussed the future European grid and the opportunities for integrating superconducting transmission links. The day included a visit of Columbus Superconductors, which is a world leader in the manufacturing of superconducting wires.


When and where?

5 July 2018 – 8.00-17.30

La Spezia (Italy) at ASG Superconductors – via Melara 40, La Spezia, Italy


What’s on the agenda?

Have a look at the agenda here. You can also read the press release and have a look at the pictures here


Can I see the presentations?

All the PowerPoint presentations of the day are available here


Who to contact?

Silvia Frigato Bonello, ASG Superconductors SpA, +39 010 6489264;

Nina Schwab, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V. (IASS), +49 331 28822 479;