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The BEST PATHS project will help to overcome the challenges of integrating renewable energies into Europe’s energy mix.

With nearly 40 leading organisations from research, industry, utilities, and transmission systems operators, the project aims to develop novel network technologies to increase the pan-European transmission network capacity and electricity system flexibility.

Latest News
Best Paths showcased at EU Sustainable Energy Week 2016
As part of the 11th edition of the EU Sustainable Energy week, the Best Paths project featured in the Visualizing Energy Photo Exhibition highlighting the human dimension of the energy transition by showing workers in action on renewable energy...
Europe well positioned to be world leader for new grid technologies
Self-thinking grids and hybrid AC/DC grids have been identified as two new technologies likely to achieve widespread deployment over the next decade, with Europe well positioned to be the global frontrunner. The predictions come from the...
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2016 Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference
Ljubljana, Slovenia
European Utility Week 2016
Barcelona, Spain