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Demo 4 Special Workshop - Innovative repowering of AC corridors

Budapest, Hungary

The 2nd in our series of Best Paths Special Workshops showed the latest technologies to increase electricity line capacities through repowering existing Alternate Current transmission corridors. The innovations are being developed under the Demo 4 of the EU-funded project Best Paths.


The experts of Demo 4 are developing and testing several innovative systems, such as new insulated cross-arms, High Temperature Low Sag Conductors and new methods of live-line maintenance. The workshop was the right opportunity to meet our experts and learn more about Demo 4.


What was on the agenda?

Have a look at the agenda here and at the press release here. Get a taste of the event having a look at the picture gallery


Can I see the PPT presentations?

All the PowerPoint presentations of the Demo 4 Special Workshop are accessible here


Who to contact?

Tamás Mátrai, BME, research assistant, +36-20-260-6171,

Bálint Németh (PhD), BME Head of High Voltage Laboratory, +36-20-375-1957,